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Future Fit Leadership

Are your leaders and teams fit for our complex and uncertain future?

The world is changing rapidly and we are faced with new complex challenges on a daily basis. The only way businesses can survive and thrive is to move forward into a new and more effective phase of sustainable leadership.

Future Fit Leadership programmes are tailored to provide leaders and their teams with the opportunity to pause, assess their current situation, gain critical insights and focus on the areas and actions in the organisation that will set them on their new path to success. 

Our immersion programmes provide the support, tools and environment needed to explore and facilitate a shift in behaviours and mind-set, to unlock powerful new perspectives and potential for leaders encouraging systemic change within their organisations. 

Set within an ancient woodland just an hour from London, nature plays a key role in our immersive development programmes. Providing a source of inspiration and a rare chance to disconnect, we focus on themes of leadership, strategy, organisation and sustainability, which come together to support future fit leadership.

What Will You Experience...

- Assessments that provide rich data from which to gain critical insights into you, your team and organisation
- A tailored programme in response to the outcomes of your assessments and insights
- An impactful, enriching and innovative experience to nurture and develop next-stage leadership for you and your teams
- A unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your instincts to facilitate positive change to support business and personal transformation
- Renewed personal and organisational focus, passion and purpose
- The tools and support to put your reflections and learnings into practice

Individual transformation

Leadership Development

Every leader faces different challenges, but all can benefit from taking a step back and connecting with nature as well as your own instincts to gain a clearer perspective. Come together with other like-minded peers to focus on positive change to support business and personal transformation.

Team Immersion days

Organisation Development

Leadership teams can use immersion programmes to identify opportunities and challenges within the organisation and open the door to new synergies between roles and departments. Combined with an organisational health check, teams can benefit from a renewed focus on strategic goals, closer connections between colleagues and a wealth of ideas for personal and organisational growth.

About Us

Bringing together our skills as a pioneering practitioner of regenerative leadership and a highly experienced executive coach for individuals and teams, we have developed a powerful and well-facilitated programme. Supported by proven coaching methods and the ancient wisdom of nature, we aim to develop future fit leadership and help you shape a regenerative organisation that will not only survive, but thrive.


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Regenerative organisations will be tomorrow’s success stories.

Giles Hutchins

Future Fit Leadership

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